Doctors & Physicians

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Industries Covered – Education, Government, Hospitals & Healthcare, Military, Non-Profit.
Titles Available – Physician, Health Clinic Physician, Physician-in-Charge, Consulting Physician, Primary Care Physician, Internist, or Medical Director,Civil Aviation Medical Officer,Company Physician Doctor, Family Doctor, Medical Doctor of Medicine (MD), General Practitioner, Surgeons, Chief Medical Officer, Psychologist, Neurosurgeons?, Nuclear medicine physicians?, Obstetricians?, Oncologists?, Ophthalmologists?, Orthopaedists?, Osteopathic physicians?, Otolaryngologists?, Parasitologists? Pathologists?, Pediatricians?, Phthisiatrists?, Podiatrists?, Psychiatrists?, Pulmonologists?, Radiologists?, Rheumatologists?, Serologists?, Surgeons?, Team physicians?, Toxicologists?, Traumatologists?, Tropical physicians?, Urologists?, Venereologists?, Virologists.


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141,55219,654Company name, Address, City, State, Zip code, Telephone, Industry, SIC Code, Employee Size, Revenue, Website, Ownership type and Company EmailFirst name, Last name, Direct Email, Direct Extension (*where ever available) and Designation.


1. What fields are available in the database?
First name, Last name, Title, Company, Direct Email, Mailing Address, Telephone, Employees, Revenue, SIC Code, Industry and Website

2. What format will I get the data in ?
We normally deliver the data in MS Excel format, we can also send you the data in CSV or Text delimited format.

3. What are your data guarantee and accuracy rate?
We assure 90% email delivery guarantee on any database purchased from our company. From the date of delivery we also provide 45 days bounce replacement validity period.

4. Is the database opted-in?
BBQ deals with opted in email addresses only. Under all subscribers in our database, we have the following information tagged – Opted-in IP address, Date and Time of Opt-in, Source, Last updated. However this information is not delivered with your data purchase, but BBQ is committed to share the opt-in information of any subscriber for any spam flame such instance.

5. Do you assist in email campaigns?
Yes, BBQ has dedicated email servers available for email campaigns. We have server capacity ranging from 10K emails per hour to 300K per hour. We provide root access to our campaign control panel, you can login, set up your campaign and watch results in real time. For more details visit our email marketing page above.

6.What is the minimum order I can purchase?
Our pricing is based on volume of your purchase with price varying from 0.12 cents to 0.05 cents/record. We do not have any minimum purchase limit on the size but our minimum test value for purchase available is $150.